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A la carte menu - Restaurant Arthur Helsinki

A la carte starting 18.11.2015

1  House green salad L/G 5.00 EUR  
2  Shrimp salad with lemon L/ G 10.50 / 15.50 EUR  
3  Beef salad; roasted beef fillet, pickled cucumber L/ G 10.50 / 15.50 EUR  
4  Smoked salmon salad; smoked salmon, potatoes L/G 10.50 / 15.50 EUR  
5 Reindeer salad; warm smoked reindeer, potatoes, onions, rocket salad 10.50 / 15.50 EUR  
6 Warm chicken salad; chicken breast fillet, corn kernels, curry mayonnaise L/G 9.00 / 14.00 EUR  
* sald portions include green salad, tomato, cucumber and house bread    
7 Arthur´s creamy salmon soup with Malax loaf L 8.00 / 13.00 EUR  
8 Tasty vegetable borscht with smetana, house bread  L 8.00 / 13.00 EUR  
9  Hamburger with pulled pork, smoked bourbon paprika mayonnaise 13.50 EUR  
10  Chicken hamburger with curry mayonnaise L 13.50 EUR  
11 Arthur´s juicy hamburger L 13.50 EUR  
* hamburger portions include green salad and French fries    
12 Creamy chicken pasta with sweet peppers  L 13.00 EUR  
13 Vegetable pasta with chilli tomato sauce L 11.00 EUR  
14 Hot pot with pulled pork, herb rice, onions, chilli L/G 15.50 EUR  
15 Hot pot with shrimps, tomatoes, rice, tomato garlic mayonnaise L/G 15.50 EUR  
16 Hot pot with vegetables, beans, tomatoes, rice and chilli L/G 14.00 EUR  
17  Grilled salmon, white wine lemon sauce and dill potato wedges L/G 21.00 EUR  
18  Chicken breast; goat cheese, Devil´s jam, sweet potato wedges L/G 21.00 EUR  
19  Traditional minute steak, smoked bourbon paprika butter, French fries L/G 25.00 EUR  
20  Organic pork noisettes, bearnaise sauce, potato wedges L/G 20.00 EUR  
21  Arthur´s pepper steak, creamy pepper sauce, baked sweet potatoes L/G 28.00 EUR  
22  Tiramisu-cake 8.00 EUR  
23  Arthur´s apple dessert; fresh apple compote with mascarpone 8.00 EUR  
24  Old fashioned vanilla ice cream, berries, butterscotch or chocolate sauce L/G 8.00 EUR  
25  Finnish cheese plate, black currant jam L/G 8.00 EUR  
26  Frankfurters and French fries L/G 8.00 EUR  
27  Meat balls, cream sauce and French fries L 8.00 EUR  
28  Minute steak with French fries L/G 8.50 EUR  
29  Grilled salmon, butter sauce and potato wedges L/G 8.50 EUR  
30 Old fashioned vanilla ice cream, berries, butterscotch or chocolate sauce 4.00 EUR  

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