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A la carte

1  House green salad L/G 5.00 EUR  
2  Classic Caesar salad G 7.50 / 10.50 EUR  
3  Caesar salad with portobello mushrooms, chicken or shrimps  G 10.50 / 15.50 EUR  
4  Cheese bread salad with strawberries L/G 10.50 / 15.50 EUR  
5 Arthur´s classic salmon soup with Malax rye bread L 8.00 / 13.00 EUR  
6 Velvety tomato basil soup with goat cheese and house bread  L 8.00 / 13.00 EUR  
7  Hunter´s sandwich; hamburger, wild mushroom sauce and green salad  13.50 EUR  
8  Salmon sandwich; salmon, fried egg and fresh green salad L 13.50 EUR  
9  Arthur´s juicy hamburger, French fries L 13.50 EUR  
10 Goat cheese hamburger, crispy sweet potato fries L 13.50 EUR  
11  Fruity chicken pasta  L 13.00 EUR  
12  Cherry tomato rucola pasta L 11.00 EUR  
13  Fried arctic char, butter chive sauce and boiled potatoes L/G 23.00 EUR  
14  Beefsteak, Mustapekka pepper cream sauce and potato wedges L/G 29.00 EUR  
15  Breaded pork cutlet and crispy sweet potato fries L/G 19.50 EUR  
16  Tasty beetroot steaks with wild mushroom sauce L/G 17.00 EUR  
17  Chicken cutlet, tomato sauce and sweet potato fries 20.00 EUR  
18  Rich chocolate cake and berries L/G 8.00 EUR  
19  Delicious cheese cake and mango melba G 8.00 EUR  
20  Refreshing raspberry sherbet and berry sauce L/G 8.00 EUR  
21  Old fashioned vanilla ice cream with sauce on choice G 8.00 EUR  

We also have delicious chilrens menu available with affordable prices. Please ask more from or call us +385 9 173 441

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Hotel Arthur

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