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A la carte

1    House green salad 5.00 EUR  
2    Classic Caesar salad 7.50 /10.50 EUR  
3    Caesar salad with crayfish, chicken or bacon 10.00 /13.00 EUR  
4    Salad with Kolattu cheddar 10.00 /13.00 EUR  
5    Salad with smoked reindeer 10.00 /13.50 EUR  
6    Salmon platter: cold smoked salmon, smoked salmon and gravlax 11.00 /13.50 EUR  
7   Salmon soup with Malax rye bread 8.00 /12.00 EUR  
8   Creamy wild mushroom soup 7.50 /11.50 EUR  
9   Tomato & root vegetable soup with garlic croutons       7.00 /11.00 EUR  
10   Hunter’s sandwich  13.50 EUR  
11  Salmon sandwich with chive hollandaise sauce 13.50 EUR  
12  Chicken sandwich topped with melted cheese 13.50 EUR  
13   Reindeer farmer’s sandwich  14.00 EUR  
14   Arthur's burger served with French fries or salad  13.00 EUR  
15   Vegetarian soya burger with vegetables served with French fries 11.00 EUR  
16   Pasta Carbonara         12.00 EUR  
17   Chicken & feta pasta with pesto 13.00 EUR  
18   Spinach pasta with cheese, served with poached egg 12.00 EUR  
19    Salmon with spinach sauce served with dill potatoes 19.50 EUR  
20    Grilled chicken with basil sauce and potato wedges     19.50 EUR  
21    Reindeer filet with blackcurrant sauce and beetroot rösti 28.00 EUR  
22    Wiener schnitzel with French fries       19.00 EUR  
23    Arthur’s peppered steak with jacket potato        27.00 EUR  
24   Beetroot rösti with basil sauce and pan fried vegetables 12.00 EUR  
25    Chocolate petits fours       9.00 EUR  
26    Blueberry parfait 8.00 EUR  
27    Cheesecake 8.00 EUR  
28    Apple frangipane 8.00 EUR  
29   Ice cream with chocolate, caramel or berry sauce 7.50 EUR  

We also have delicious chilrens menu available with affordable prices. Please ask more from or call us +385 9 173 441

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