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Hotel room rates – Affordable accommodation in Helsinki, at Hotel Arthur

Affordable accommodation in the heart of Helsinki

The prices below are our hotel’s listed rates. Prices vary on a daily basis, according to their availability. Ask the day's price from our sales or check the price from our online booking engine! Check also our accommodation offers.

Room rates 2018 night/room
Single room 75.00-205.00 €
Twin room 90.00-220.00 €
Comfort room for one 85.00-215.00 €
Comfort room for two 100.00-230.00 €
Classic single room 85.00-215.00 €
Art Nouveau double room 120.00-250.00 €
Superior room for 1-2-person 110.00-240.00 €
3-person room 125.00-250.00 €
4-person room 145.00-270.00 €
Family room for 4-5-person  165.00-310.00 €

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Room prices include the accommodation, breakfast from a buffet table, Internet access and VAT. A child under 4 years old can reside in their parents’ room, free of charge, in so far as they do not require their own bed. The availability of travel beds and cots is restricted. Pets are permitted in some rooms, for an additional charge. Read more about the reservation terms in Hotel Arthur. Tips on reserving affordable accommodation in Helsinki.

We reserve the right to make changes concerning the prices.

When you require affordable accommodation in Helsinki for your group or company, contact our sales department and ask for an offer! Hotel Arthurs room rates are great value for money!

Images of Hotel Arthur are available from our picture gallery.

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