Measures in place at Hotel Arthur to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

We want to guarantee safe visits to our guests during this exceptional time, and we have therefore paid special attention to our policies during this period of pandemic. In the following we will outline our policies and practices to make your visit as risk-free as possible.

Clean hands

Good hand hygiene is very important in preventing the spread of any infections. All our staff has been well-trained in proper hand sanitation techniques and other simple strategies that greatly combat the spread of any pathogens. We also have hand sanitizer available in all the common areas of the hotel, including the lobby, front desk, and restaurant. Hand sanitizer is of course at our staff’s disposal as well. We recommend that you use the hand sanitizer regularly, just as you will see our staff doing the same.

We have hand sanitizer available for guests.

Updated cleaning practices

Our housekeeping team has reviewed and updated their daily practices to include cleaning contact surfaces, like door handles, lift buttons and the front desk, restaurant counter, buffets, tables and chairs with cleaning agent that has disinfecting and microbiocidal qualities. The hotel front desk and the bar counter in our restaurant have see-through plexiglass shields for the safety of our guests and employees.

We have plexiglass shields at the front desk and restaurant.

Safe distance and instructions

Even though it is also on our guests’ responsibility to follow instructions, there are infograms in the lifts, lobby, and restaurant to remind our guests of the basic safety measures. Floor markers are in place to remind about keeping a safe distance. We are limiting the number of guests in our conference rooms according to the government regulation for restaurants and cafes. Also the hotel saunas are not available for the time being due to hygiene reasons. In addition to safe distance we also assure that it is safe to eat from the buffet; hand sanitizer and disposable gloves are available in the restaurant for breakfast and lunch buffet, and our staff also changes the serving utensils regularly. For hygiene reasons we do not accept any cash for the moment, we accept only credit card.

Floor stickers remind for safe distance.

Our staff has been advised on the measures to be taken in case a contagion is suspected. We also recommend our guests and staff to stay at home should they have even the mildest of flu symptoms. Please postpone your visit to our hotel if you have any symptoms of flu, however mild. We take this situation very seriously and by putting these preventative measures in place, we are doing our part in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. We are following the guidelines and directions given by the local and national health authorities. If you have any questions before your visit, we are happy to help!

In the spacious lobby there is easy to keep the safety distance.

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