5 nature attractions in Helsinki from a local’s perspective

Helsinki is no doubt one of the nature capitals of the world. Within minutes you’ll be able to reach the forest, seaside or park from the lively, vibrant city center. Matching a nature attraction to your city break has never been easier so be ready to pack your hiking boots for your next Helsinki holiday!

In this article we have listed five all-year-round nature attractions located in Helsinki to help you get inspired for your next trip in the capital of Finland. These are the local tips that no guide book told you about. Ready to dive in?

Helsinki Central Park
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Central Park

Central Park covers thousand hectares all the way from the Töölönlahti Bay to Haltiala and Vantaanjoki (River Vantaa) which makes it the largest park in Helsinki. Even though called Central Park the area has diverse forests, including four different nature conservation areas, home for a large range of bird special and animals, allotment gardens, recreational areas, nature trails, and even a horse stable.

Location from Hotel Arthur: Take a tram from Kaisaniemenpuisto to the Central Railway Station. Continue to Töölönlahti bay and turn right. Enjoy a cup of coffee in Sinisen Huvilan kahvila (Linnunlauluntie 11), then make your way to the Olympic Stadium, and finally the Central Park. We recommend the city bikes for this journey.

Mustikkamaa beach


Many of the travelers in Helsinki are familiar of the Korkeasaari Zoo island but have you heard about the nature attraction next to it called Mustikkamaa? This island is an ideal day trip location almost in the city center, and it is easily reached by bus. Mustikkamaa is known for its beach but it has also a recreational side to it. Choose between tennis, beach volleyball, summer theater, restaurants or the versatile nature trails – something for everyone.

Location from Hotel Arthur: Hop on to bus number 16 (Korkeasaari) from Kaisaniemen puisto bus stop. It will take you straight to Mustikkamaa in just 15 minutes.

Uutela Nature Trail
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Uutela Nature Trail

Uutela Nature Trail is located in the marine East Helsinki, Vuosaari. You can easily explore the diverse nature following the marked trails. The first option is 2,5 km trail “forests and grazing lands”. The other option being 1,5 km trail “gloe lakes and flood meadows”.

Location from Hotel Arthur: Hop on to a metro from Helsinki University station until Vuosaari from where the bus number 90 takes you to the nature trail (hop off in Aurinkotuulenkatu).

Humallahti Cliffs

Humallahti Cliffs and Seurasaari

Located in Meilahti, Humallahti Cliffs offer an exceptional sea view making it a perfect spot for a sunny day. Why not have a picnic, enjoy the sunset or even take a dip in the sea? For the next step, historical Seurasaari open-air museum is just a short walk away.

Location from Hotel Arthur: Take a short, 10-minute walk to Lasipalatsi bus stop and hop on to bus number 24 (Seurasaari) which will take you all the way to Seurasaarentie bus stop. Humallahti Cliffs are on your left.

Vanhankaupunginlahti Bay

Vanhankaupunginlahti Bay

The bay of Vanhankaupunginlahti is located in the northeastern Helsinki and it is easily accessible from the city center with a direct bus connection. Add some extra to your day trip and visit Lammassaari recreational island near the rapids of Vanhankaupunginkoski for nature hikes. Remember to say hi to the cutest neighbours in Kuusiluoto where the sheep spent their summer months.

Location from Hotel Arthur: Many different buses from Kaisaniemenpuisto bus stop drive to Tekniikan museo bus stop in only 15 minutes which is located next to the rapids. Take e.g. bus 78 (Latokartano) or bus 71 (Malmi).

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