Conference coffee servings

Coffee servings included in conference packages

Morning coffee buffet in the conference lobby, with savoury snack of the day, smoothie, small sweet and coffe/tea in the conference lobby OR sweet or savoury snack of the day and served in the conference room.

In the conference lobby, afternoon coffee with a sweet snack and coffee/tea, with fruits/vegetables OR according to the customer’s wishes, savoury pastry or sweet snack of the day, served in the conference room.

All the rates listed include coffee/tea and VAT. Offers have to be made 4 days prior to event to our sales department. Kindly choose one sweet or savoury pastry to the whole group, allergies will be taken into consideration.

On-request conference pastries


additional cost 1.00 €/person
Raspberry doughnut, blueberry bun, cinnamon bun, chocolate muffin or butter bun

additional cost 2.00 €/person
Apple pie, berry pie, carrot cake or blueberry pie
Seasonal items: Christmas plum pastry and gingerbread, Runeberg torte, Shrovetide bun, or Funnel cake

additional cost 3.00 €/person (minimum 12 persons)
Strawberry cake L, G, mango cake L, G, chocolate cake LL or caramel cake LL

additional cost 4.00 €/person (minimum 12 persons)
Strawberry-cream cake, fruit cake, chocolate cake, berry cake or caramel-cream cake.


additional cost 1.00 €/person
Karelian pie filled with: egg butter, salmon paste or reindeer paste
Multi-grain bread roll or Reissumies rye bread filled with: ham, turkey, cheese, or vegetables

additional cost 3.00 €/person
Multi-grain baguette or open sandwich
filled with: ham, turkey, cheese or vegetables

additional cost 5.00 €/person
Salmon, shrimp or roast beef open sandwich

The following can be ordered, in addition to the coffee servings included in the conference packages

FRUIT BASKET: a selection of whole fruits5.00 €/person
FRUITS: a selection of cut fruits7.00 €/person
CHOCOLATE: chocolate konvehdit2.00 €/person
JUICE: a glass of fruit juice3.00 €/person
COFFEE/TEA: additional serving of coffee/tea3.90 €/person
ALL DAY COFFEE/TEA: coffee/tea available for the whole day7.00 €/person
CONFERENCE REFRESHMENTS: a selection of refreshments and mineral water   5.10 €/0.5l bottle
SMOOTHIE: fruit or berry flavour6.50 €/person

Prices include value added tax at 14 %. We reserve the rights to change prices.

Request an offer

In case the coffee servings are not included to the conference, request a separate offer from our sales department, Tel +358 (0)9-173 441 or

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