Responsibility, values and vision

The values behind Hotel Arthur’s operations

  • Customer focus
  • Continual development
  • Viability
  • Professional and caring staff
  • Private ownership
  • Individuality
  • Backgrounds ethical values

Hotel Arthur’s vision

Finland’s best three-star hotel. As a private hotel, we are a cosy alternative to hotel chains in the center of Helsinki. Calls are always answered immediately in person. We are flexible and it is highly possible that the same staff member will serve a guest all the way, from start to finish.

Helsinki YMCA

Our background association is the Helsinki YMCA (in Finnish HNMKY). The association focuses on a diverse range of work with children and young people, including scouts, spiritual, emotional and social work, and international and sporting activities. Hotel Arthur is owned by the HNMKY Support Foundation. The only purpose of the support foundation is to support child and youth activities.

HNMKY offers a wide range of hobby activities for children, young people and adults. Almost 4000 children, young people and adults take part in HNMKY’s weekly activities. The profits of Hotel Arthur are directed to a good cause such as YMCA’s work for children and young people.

YMCA is an international association which is the worlds largest non-political youth movement. Its activities are based on the triangle principle, which focuses on developing a healthy body, mind and spirit. There are almost 58 million members of the international YMCA movement and it operates on all continents.

Environmental program – EcoCompass

Hotel Arthur is part of an environmental program EcoCompass.

Hotel Arthur Oy recognizes its responsibility for the environment and commits to adhering to valid laws and legislation. Environmental friendliness and the reduction of our burden on the environment are both part of our daily activities in as far as our business operations allow. Our aim is to save the world’s limited resources and we want to develop our operations in the long-term for the benefit of the environment. At the same time, we also want to meet our customers’ expectations and offer them an environmentally responsible home-from-home in the heart of Helsinki.

We recognize that the main effects our operations have on the environment lie in energy and water consumption, the procurement and use of materials, the sorting of waste and in selecting our cooperation partners. Energy production creates emissions which accelerate the progress of climate change. Clean water is a limited natural resource, and the cleaning of dirty water uses energy. The procurement of utilities and foodstuffs also use natural resources in the production of goods, and the production and transportation of the goods create a burden on the environment. The waste caused by our operations places a burden on the environment.

We strive to reduce electricity, water and heating consumption. When procuring materials we favour larger packaging sizes and products which contain less packaging materials, whenever possible. A reduction in waste and economy and efficiency concerning the use of materials are important to us. Where possible, we strive to effectively recycle our waste. When choosing partners in cooperation, we favour subcontractors whose burden on the environment is small and who have environmental programmes in place. We aim to add locally-sourced and organic food to our restaurant menus.

In line with our environmental programme, we monitor the achievement of set goals: we monitor the consumption of electricity, heating and water as well as the amount of waste fractions which we create. Our entire staff are trained in our environmental programme and the programme is developed among staff by an elected environment team. Our customers and partners in cooperation can also influence our programme by proposing suggestions for development.

Sustainable Travel Finland

We are on our way towards achieving the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label is awarded by Visit Finland for companies that have undergone the whole programme and fulfilled the criteria about sustainable and responsible tourism.

Sustainable Travel Finland programme helps us to enhance the responsibility in our operations – taking into consideration the ecological, social, cultural as well as economic responsibility.

We Speak Gay

Hotel Arthur is a part of the rainbow community of We Speak Gay. Irrespective gender, ethnicity, skin colour, citizenship, age, or sexual orientation of our guests or employees we find equitable and respectful treatment of all of utmost importance. The common goal of the We Speak Gay community is to build Finland a more inclusive and empathetic travel destination for the rainbow community.


We use Valpas technology in our hotel bed. Valpas smart bed legs capture bed bugs before infestations and inform our staff about captured bed bugs. This way we can protect our hotel rooms against bed bugs and offer our guests a safe stay.

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