Conference equipment

The following conference equipment can be used free of charge in the conference rooms:

  • data projector or flat-screen TV (depending on the meeting room)
  • wireless internet connection
  • flip chart
  • the Ballroom has a sound system and microphones, as well as a speaker’s podium
  • Auditorium, Mäki, and Aurola have a sound system for PC sound output

Additionally available:

  • sound system speakers
  • sound system speakers and microphone
  • spokesperson’s gavel

Please check the conference equipment availability directly from the sales department.

Other conference equipment (incl. VAT):

laptop computer50.00 €/day
laser pointer and wireless mouse
induction loop
web-camera and microphone for small meetings
10.00 €/day
50.00 €/day
10.00 €/day

Streaming services

Our partner, Apogee, implements high-quality webinars, live streaming, hybrid events, and video productions for companies. Several successful streams and remote meetings for larger implementations have been conducted in the premises of Hotel Arthur. If you need streaming services for your meeting, you can inquire about them from us when booking the event.


Hotel Arthur sales department
Phone: +358 9 173 441
The sales department is open from Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm.

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