Price list for events

Starting prices for events at Hotel Arthur

The rates always include:

  • waiting staff
  • furniture/setting up activities
  • dishes
  • basic paper napkins
  • In the Ballroom: speaking microphones and a sound system
  • grand piano/piano, check the availability
  • data projector if needed

Room rental – events with dinner serving:

Ballroom from 450.00 €
Aurolafrom 250.00 €
Hjeltfrom 200.00 €
Restaurant private function roomsfrom 100.00 €

Additional charges:

round tables in the Ballroom from 80.00 €/pc
porter48.00 €/person/hour, min 4 hours
cloakroom staff45.00 €/person/hour, min 4 hours
flowersbased on the offer
candles1.50 €/pc
outdoor candles5.00 €/pcl
fabric napkins2.50 €/pc

Guests are not permitted to bring food or drinks into Hotel Arthur’s event spaces. Please note that if you order the cloakroom attendant/porter(s), it is required half an hour before and after the event. Two cloakroom attendants are required for an event with over 100 guests.

Price example 1: 100 person event in the Ballroom

first toast 7.00 €
event buffet55.00 €
room rental450.00 €
12 cl house wine7.00 €
coffee/tea3.50 €
Total77.00 €/person

Price example 2: 100 person event in the restaurant private function rooms

event buffet55.00 €
iced water as beverage0.00 €
coffee/tea3.50 €
room rental100.00 € 
Total59.50 €/person

We reserve the rights to make price and product changes. Rates include VAT.

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