Travelling to Helsinki with your pet

Are you planning a trip and unable to find someone to take care of your pet while you’re away. Sometimes it’s just easier to take your furry friend along. Travelling with a pet is getting easier when service providers understand pet owner’s needs better. Helsinki has lots of places to visit with your friend and many doors are opening to dogs nowadays. Here are our tips when travelling with the pet.

Photo of Milo owned by a member of our staff.

There are plenty of places to walk your dog

Although Helsinki is the biggest city in Finland, it’s full of lovely parks to walk your dog. There are also many fenced parks for dogs to play around. For walking a dog The Kaisaniemi Park is located in close proximity of Hotel Arthur and you can reach beautiful Töölö bay (Töölönlahti in Finnish) through it which you can walk around. Along the way you’ll find The Linnunlaulu dog park where your dog might make some new local doggy friends. In the city environment it’s good to keep some poop bags on hand in case of emergency.

Photo of Milo owned by a member of our staff.

Staying in a hotel with your house pet

When choosing an accommodation, it’s good to check beforehand that pets are accepted by establishment. We have designated one floor for pets to stay with their owners in Hotel Arthur and there’s a small fee added to your room price. You should always contact hotel directly, so the pet room availability will be secured. We do not advise to leave your pet unattended if it’s not a frequent traveler of it does have a tendency to bark when left alone. You’re able to enjoy room service breakfast so it’s not necessary to leave your loved one alone.

Photo by Alison Pang on Unsplash

Some tips of dog friendly restaurants

There are Cafe Ursula and Cafe Carusel both located in Kaivopuisto, where you can enjoy oceanic scenery and tasty treats. On the summer time there are also small ice cream kiosks of Helsingin Jäätelötehdas, we would strongly recommend to taste their products if ice cream is your thing. In Kluuvi shopping center restaurant Fratello you can have tasty lunch and your dog may come along. In Kallio district, there’s a popular pizzeria Skiffer which welcomes your doggy buddy as well. You may also have lunch in your hotel room, Restaurant Arthur will be happy to serve it there.

Photo of The Suomenlinna Island Jori Samonen Pixabaystä

Different places to visit with a dog

It’s a short walk to Tervasaari Island where your dog is able to refresh itself on a doggy beach in summertime. Another place have fun with your dog is Rajasaari dog park which includes wide fenced area of forest, cliffs and a beach. You can also take a boat trip to Suomenlinna Island to enjoy some fresh sea air together with historical sights. There might be some mites on the island, so it’s good to remember mite protection beforehand. If you’re keen on shopping, The iconic Stockmann department store in the city center welcomes doggies with their owners.

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