Henkilömäärä 60-250 persons 245 m2

Elegant ballroom is the shining diamond of event venues located in Helsinki. The history of the Ballroom goes way back to 1907.

Ballroom is very modifiable for different needs such as company and family events, press conferences and many more. Ballroom is exceptional for weddings, christening parties and commemorations. The magnificent crystal chandeliers, beautiful stained glass windows, grand piano and the fresco painted by Oskari Paatela add value to the official celebration.

Ballroom is suitable for dancing as well. Orchestra and other performances take place in the large stage. Depending on the table arrangement and program, the hall can accommodate 60 to 250 guests.

The hall was originally dedicated as a sacred space in 1907 and served as the hall for HNMKY. Behind the curtains / screen there is a fresco “Spring” painted by Oskari Paatela. The hall is also adorned with magnificent stained glass windows depicting the life of Jesus.

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