Cocktail events

Salads incl. house bread:

  • Waldorf salad L, G
  • Vegetable and fruit salad M, G
  • Quinoa and vegetable salad M
  • Baby spinach-arugula-red chard mix with fig and pear, served with Manchego cheese L, G
  • Strawberry and rhubarb salad M, G
  • Teriyaki tiger prawn and noodle salad M, G
  • Salad Niçoise à la Arthur M, G
  • Greek salad VL, G
  • Reindeer and glow-fried cheese salad L, G
  • Sesame and beef salad M, G
  • Caesar salad à la Arthur with rye croutons; select main ingredient from below L:
    • Salmon
    • Free-range chicken
    • Prawns
    • Tofu

1 salad 17.50 €/guest
2 salads 25.00 €/guest
3 salads 28.00 €/guest
4 salads 31.00 €/guest

House bread and spread (L) is served with the salads.

Finger food (for a minimum of 10 persons):

Group I:
Olives with bell pepper stuffing, roasted garlic cloves M, G
Sundried tomato M, G
Stuffed vine leaves M, G
Marinated artichokes M, G
Marinated mushroom M, G
Aubergine with fresh cheese filling L, G
Zucchini with Parmesan L, G
Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes L, G
Fruit cocktail M, G

Group II:
Napue-marinated trout on Scandinavian rye and malt bread L
Smoked salmon and fennel mousse on bread L
Lavaret tartar on bread L
Cold smoked salmon rolls L, G
Vegetable and tiger prawns on skewer M, G
Mousse of pulled oats on bread L

Group III:
Roast lamb and cantaloupe melon M, G
Roast beef with horse radish salad L, G
Chili-marinated yakitori (chicken on a skewer) M, G
Chicken and cepe pie L
Chorizo balls and Cheddar cheese M, G
Ratatouille balls VL
Falafels and honey melon M, G

1 piece from each group/person 15.00 €/person
2 pieces from each group/person 24.00 €/person
3 pieces from each group/person 34.00 €/person
4 pieces from each group/person 41.00 €/person

G: Gluten free | L: Lactose free | M: Dairy free | V: Vegan | VL: Low in lactose

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