Henkilömäärä 16-24 persons 63 m2
  • U-shape 24 persons
  • Boardroom style 16 persons
  • Classroom style 18 persons
  • Group tables 24 persons (4 tables for 6 persons each)

Aurola is a charming, high-quality meeting and banquet space. In addition to meetings, the Aurola also hosts family gatherings and corporate events. The conference room has a data projector, a screen and wireless internet access.

Aurola has been named after dean Verner J. Aurola who was the general secretary of HNMKY.

Aurolaheight 9,8 m, width 6,4 m
Data projectorluminosity 4800 ansilumens, resolution 1920 * 1200
Screenwidth 2,0 m
Sound systemfor computer output only

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