Henkilömäärä 60-250 persons 245 m2
  • Classroom style 120 persons
  • Theater style 200 + 50 persons in the balcony
  • Group tables (11 tables for 10 persons each)
  • U-Shape 40 persons
  • Comb style 80 persons
  • Boardroom style 32 persons
  • Cocktail

Hotel Arthur’s Ballroom is an elegant venue built in 1907 where you can host larger meetings, seminars or other memorable events under the crystal chandeliers. The ballroom is ideal for international meetings, various corporate events and family reunions from weddings to commemorations. The room has a stage, a concert-level grand piano and speech microphones for performance.

Ballroom was originally dedicated as a sacred space in 1907 and served as the hall for HNMKY. Many important decisions have been made in this historical venue, such as the establishment of the Finnish Scout Organization. Behind the curtains / screen there is a fresco “Spring” painted by Oskari Paatela and the hall is also adorned with stunning stained glass windows depicting the life of Jesus.

Board roomheight 7,65 m (height under the loft is 2.8 m), length 15,4 m, width 14,8 m
Stagewidth 9,7 m / depth 1,85 m, maximum width 9,7 m / depth 2,35 m
Data projectorluminosity 8000 ansilumens, resolution 1920 * 1200
Screenmaximum height 4,5 m / width 3,5 m
Sound systemmax. 3 * handheld wireless microphones and 2 * lanyard microphones
Grand pianoGrotrian-Steinweg, from the 1960’s

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