Henkilömäärä 28-32 persons 50 m2
  • Group tables 28 persons (4 persons 7 for persons each)

Hjelt is a historical Art Nouveau-style meeting and banquet room. In addition to meetings, this versatile room is perfect for family gatherings and cocktail parties. The Hjelt’s old-fashioned atmosphere with its magnificent antique furniture and crystal chandeliers create an unique feel to the space. There is a concert-level grand piano in the hall.

Hjelt has been named after Arthur Hjelt as the whole hotel. Arthur Hjelt was a theologian, professor of philosophy and theology as well as a writer. He was the chairman of HNMKY between 1895-1898.

Data projectorluminosity 5000 ansilumens, resolution 1920 * 1200
Screenwidth 2,4 m
Grand pianoC. Bechstein, 1900’s

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