Henkilömäärä 28-66 persons 98 m2
  • Classroom style 60 persons
  • Theater style 66 persons
  • Group tables 60 persons (6 tables for 10 persons each)
  • U-shape 40 persons
  • Boardroom style 28 persons

Mäki is a spacious meeting room for 60 people on a flat floor. At the end of the conference room there is a beautiful bay window to the courtyard. The conference room has a data projector, a screen and wireless internet access.

Mäki has been named after HNMKY’s previous general secretary Pertti Mäki. His portrait can be found from the meeting room’s wall.

Mäki height 3,10 m, depth 15,0 m ja width 5,0 m/6,2 m
Data projectorluminosity 6000 ansilumens, resolution 1920 * 1200
Screenwidth 3,5 m
Sound system1 * handheld wireless microphone and 1 * lanyard microphone

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