Breakfast at Hotel Arthur

A great day starts with a tasty breakfast!

Breakfast has a great impact on the entire day and is most often one of the highlights of the stay! Hotel Arthur’s breakfast buffet is served in Restaurant Arthur.

From Monday till Friday in the restaurant at 06.30 – 10.00.
On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in the restaurant 07.30 – 11.00.
Warm dishes are
available half an hour after opening.

Rooms service breakfast 25.00 €/person.

Breakfast is included in the room price for hotel guests. For non-guests, the breakfast is 15.00 €/person and is to be paid to the restaurant cashier.

Salaattia | Lettuce M, G, V
Paprikaa | Bell pepper M, G, V
Tomaattia | Tomato M, G, V
Suolakurkkua | Pickles M, G, V
Raejuustoa | Cottage cheese L, G
Kinkkua | Ham M, G
Kalkkunaa | Turkey meat M, G
Meetvurstia | Salami M,G
Juustoa | Cheese L, G
Luonnonjogurttia | Yogurt L, G
Marjajogurttia | Berry yogurt L, G
Hedelmää | Fruit M, G, V

Keitettyjä kananmunia | Boiled eggs M, G
Munakokkelia | Scrambled eggs L, G
Cocktailpiirakka | Small savory pastries L
Munavoita | Spread made of butter and hard boiled eggs L
Pekonia | Bacon M, G (porsaanliha | pork)
Mansikkahilloa | Strawberry jam M, G, V
Muroja ja mysliä | Cereals and muesli M, V
Kaurapuuroa | Oatmeal M

Leipävalikoima | Selection of bread
Makea valikoima | Assortment of sweet pastries

Voita | Butter L, G
Margariinia | Margarine M, G, V

Pelican Rouge Century -kahvia | Pelican Rouge Century coffee M, G, V
Teevalikoima | Selection of teas M, G, V

Appelsiinimehua | Orange juice M, G, V
Omenamehua | Apple juice M, G, V
Mustikkamehua | Blueberry juice M, G, V

Kahvimaidot | Creamers and coffee whiteners
Kevytmaitoa | Semi-skimmed milk L, G
Kermaa | Cream L, G
Kauramaitoa | Oat drink M, G, V

Gluteenittomat tuotteet | Gluten free products
Sämpylä yksittäispakattu | Roll individually packed L, G
Paahtoleipää | Toast M, G, V
Mysliä | Muesli M, G, V

Room service breakfast 25 €/person

G: Gluteeniton | L: Laktoositon | M: Maidoton | V: Vegaaninen | VL: Vähälaktoosinen
G: Gluten free | L: Lactose free | M: Dairy free | V: Vegan | VL: Low in lactose

Dear hotel guest, due to COVID-19, the content and the serving of breakfast depends on current directions and guidelines issued by the Government. Breakfast is included in most room rates.

We keep the rights to changes.

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