Lunch at Restaurant Arthur

Buffet lunch includes a daily dessert!

Lunch is served from Monday till Friday.

You are most welcome to have a taste!

Buffet lunch 13.20 €/person served from 11.00 till 14.00.
Lunch with soup, salad, and coffee/tea 10.00 €.

Maanantai | Monday 4.7.2022
Välimeren lihamureketta ja kasviksia | Mediterranean meatloaf and vegetables L,G
Perunamuusia | Mashed potatoes L,G
Kasvisnakkikastiketta | Veggie frankfurt sauce L,G

Tiistai | Tuesday 5.7.2022
Seesami-inkiväärimarinoituja kanan koipinuijia |
Sesame and ginger marinated chicken drumsticks L,G
Korealaista chilikastiketta | Korean chili sauce L,G
Riisiä | Rice M,G
Bataatticurrya | Sweet potato curry M,G

Keskiviikko | Wednesday 6.7.2022
Porsaan niskaa ja hunaja-pekonikastiketta | Pork neck with honey-bacon sauce M,G
Valkosipuliperunoita | Potatoes seasoned with garlic L,G
Couscous-kasvishöystöä | Couscous with vegetables L

Torstai | Thursday 7.7.2022
Kotimaista kirjolohta ja hollandaisekastiketta | Finnish rainbow trout and hollandaise sauce VL,G
Tilliperunoita | Potatoes with dill L,G
Tuorepinaatti-fetajuustopastaa | Pasta with fresh spinach and feta cheese L

Perjantai | Friday 8.7.2022
Hampurilaisia, naudan 100% burgeripihvejä (M,G)  ja briossisämpylää | Hamburgers
Ranskalaisia perunoita | French fries M,G
Soija-nachopelti | Nachos with chili sin carne (contains soy) L,G

Restaurant Arthur, in the city center of Helsinki, offers a delicious lunch, Mon-Fri from 11.00-14.00 and on weekends depending on the reservations. The lunch buffet includes hot dishes, soup du jour, a comprehensive salad bar, selection of bread as well as coffee and tea. If you have a food allergy and therefore cannot find a suitable lunch, please contact our staff in the restaurant.

We reserve the rights to possible changes. Delicious moments at Restaurant Arthur!

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