Lunch at Restaurant Arthur

Lunch is served working days from Monday till Friday
at 11 – 14. Welcome to enjoy!

Lunch buffet 12.50 € | Salad bar and soup 9.50 €
Lunch is served from the buffet; also available as take away.

Lauantai / Saturday 21.11.
Lounas klo 11.30 – 13.30
Lohikeittoa / Salmon soup 10.00 €
Porsaanleilettä Choron-kastikkeella / Pork cutlet and choron sauce 10.00 €

Maanantai | Monday 23.11.
Laavakivipariloitua ylikypsää porsaan kylkeä | Long cooked pork ribs M,G
Maissipaneroitua broileria ja limeaiolia, riisiä | Corn breaded chicken, lime aioli and rice L
Katkarapukeittoa | shrimp soup L,G
KEittiöstä: tofua määpähkinäkastikkeessa | tofu and peanut sauce M,V

Tiistai | Tuesday 24.11.
Mustajuurikeitto | Salsify soup L,G
Fenkolilohta ja tilliperuna |
Fennel salmon and dill potatoes L,G
Merimiespihvi | Beefsteak a la Nelson L,G
Keittiöstä: härkiskäristys ja puolukkahillo | Sautéed broad beans and lingonberry sauce M,G

Keskiviikko | Wednesday 25.11.
Arthurin lohikeitto | Creamy salmon soup L,G
Härän rintaa hunaja-pekonikastikkeessa ja perunamuusia |
Beef in honey-bacon sauce and mashed potatoes L,G
Broilerin koipea, tomaattikastiketta ja riisiä |
Chicken legs, tomato sauce and rice M,G
Keittiöstä: kasvis-papupataa ja riisi | Vegetarian stew and rice M,G

Torstai | Thursday 26.11.
Kurpitsa-bataattikeitto | Sweet potatoe-pumpkin soup L,G
Valkoviini uunilohta ja perunamuusia |
Oven baked salmon with white vine and mashed potatoes L,G
Iskender kebab ja riisi | Iskender kebab and rice L
Keittiöstä: Kasvispihviä ja valkoviinikastiketta | Vegetarian patties and white wine sauce L

Perjantai | Friday 27.11.
Kookos-broilerikeitto | Coconut chicken soup M,G
Pizza: quattro stagioni, jauhelihapizza | Pizza: quattro Stagioni, minced meat pizza L
Puna-ahvenfilettä ja tilli-hollandaise | Seabass fillet and dill-hollandaise sauce VL,G
Keittiöstä: kasvispizza | Vegetarian pizza L

Restaurant Arthur, in the city center of Helsinki, offers a delicious lunch, weekdays from 11.00-14.00 and on weekends depending on the reservations. The lunch table includes soup of the day and other warm main course options, in addition to a comprehensive salad bar, selection of bread as well as coffee/tea with biscuits. If you have a food allergy and therefore cannot find a suitable lunch, please contact our staff in the restaurant.

We reserve the rights to possible changes. Delicious moments at Restaurant Arthur!

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