Cocktail events

Salads incl. house bread:

  • Waldorf salad L, G
  • Vegetable and fruit salad M, G
  • Quinoa and vegetable salad M
  • Baby spinach-arugula-red chard mix with fig and pear, served with Manchego cheese L, G
  • Asparagus salad L, G
  • Teriyaki tiger prawn and noodle salad M, G
  • Salad Niçoise à la Arthur M, G
  • Greek salad VL, G
  • Reindeer and glow-fried cheese salad L, G
  • Sesame and beef salad M, G
  • Caesar salad à la Arthur with rye croutons; select main ingredient from below L:
    • Salmon
    • Free-range chicken
    • Prawns
    • Organic tofu

1 salad 17.50 €/guest
2 salads 25.00 €/guest
3 salads 31.00 €/guest
4 salads 37.00 €/guest

House bread and spread (L) is served with the salads.

Finger food (for a minimum of 10 persons):

Smoked salmon mousse and pickled fennel on bread L
White fish tartare on bread
Cold smoked salmon rolls L
Mini toast Skagen L

Basil cream cheese, tomato, and malt bread L
Ratatouille quenelles VL
Porcini pie L
Feta cheese and spinach pie L
Mushrooms filled with herbs V

Chili-marinated chicken on skewer M,G
Smoked reindeer mousse, horseradish and rye chip L
Game quenelles and rosemary mayo L,G
Parma ham, Brie cheese, and figs L,G
Pancetta and endive M,G

Dolmades V,G
Marinated artichokes M,G
Cold tomato soup and herb foam V,G

Sea buckthorn shot V,G
Caramel profiterole VL
Vegan blue berry pie and vanilla V
White chocolate mousse and biscuit L

10 pieces 44.00 €/ person
or 5.50 € / piece

G: Gluten free | L: Lactose free | M: Dairy free | V: Vegan | VL: Low in lactose

The prices given are valid for a group booking only with one menu choice excluding special dietary requirements; payment with one group bill. The booking should be made in advance latest 1 week prior the event. Information on the special dietary requirements is needed together with the confirmation of the number of attendees so that our kitchen has time to plan a suitable special dietary menu. Please note that beef and reindeer will be served medium unless otherwise agreed. 

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