Light snacks

Affordable and simple menu suggestions for conference attendants after the working day, evening conferences or sport and school groups.

Salad buffet (for a minimum of 10 guests)
Passion fruit and mango shot M, G
Vegetable and fruit salad M, G
Asparagus salad L, G
Aubergine rolls with chili and lime salad L, G
Quinoa and vegetable salad M
Fig and chicory salad with Manchego cheese L, G
Shrimp with noodle salad M, G
Yakitori marinated in chili M, G
House bread and cream cheese L
Strawberry-mint-pannacotta with rhubarb jam L, G
Chocolate cake, fresh strawberries and vanilla foam M, G, V
52.00 €/guest


  • Waldorf salad L, G
  • Vegetable and fruit salad M, G
  • Quinoa and vegetable salad M
  • Fig and chicory salad with Manchego cheese L, G
  • Asparagus salad L, G
  • Teriyaki shrimp and noodle salad M, G
  • Salad Niçoise à la Arthur M, G
  • Greek salad VL, G
  • Reindeer and glow-fried cheese salad L, G
  • Sesame and beef salad M, G
  • Caesar salad à la Arthur; choose one ingredient from below L:
    • Salmon
    • Country chicken or
    • Prawn
    • Organic tofu

1 salad 17.50 €/guest
2 salads 25.00 €/guest
3 salads 31.00 €/guest 
4 salads 37.00 €/guest

House bread and spread (L) is served with the salads.


Creamy salmon soup, rye bread and spread L, G 17.50 €/guest
Vegetable borscht and sour cream, house bread L, G 15.50 €/guest
Oriental beef and noodle soup M 15.50 €/guest

Hot sandwiches 17.50 €/guest

  • Sandwich à la Arthur: chicken, tomato, mozzarella, marinated red onion, pesto oil L
  • Hunter’s sandwich: pork cutlet and creamy mushroom sauce L
  • Toast with hamburger and fried egg L
  • Toast with charcoal grilled salmon and fried egg L
  • Vegetarian sandwich: Tofu, fava bean stuffing, vegan cheese and vegetables V

Simply to go; served with green salad (minimum 10 guests): 19.00 €/guest

  • Game lasagne L
  • Reindeer and pasta bake L
  • Curry-flavoured chicken and pasta bake L
  • Cold smoked salmon and potato casserole L
  • Smoked ham and potato casserole L
  • Vegan fava bean lasagne V

G: Gluten free | L: Lactose free | M: Dairy free | V: Vegan | VL: Low in lactose

The prices given are valid for a group booking only with one menu choice excluding special dietary requirements; payment with one group bill. The booking should be made in advance latest 1 week prior the event. Information on the special dietary requirements is needed together with the confirmation of the number of attendees so that our kitchen has time to plan a suitable special dietary menu. Please note that beef and reindeer will be served medium unless otherwise agreed. 

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