Why book directly from Hotel Arthur?

When booking a hotel room directly from the hotel, either via website, phone or email, you’ll get the best benefits!

Most flexible cancellation policy 

Change or cancel your booking by 18:00 local time on the same day without any costs

Early check-in

You can check in at 14.00 on the day of arrival

Direct communication with the hotel

You’ll always know who you are dealing with

No hidden costs

Taxes are always included in the rates and we do not charge any booking or service fees

Best offers

 As a newsletter subscriber you’ll receive exclusive offers

Special wishes

We take special requests into consideration primarily from those who booked their room directly from the hotel

Personalised customer service

You can reach us quickly by phone and get personalized service in English, Swedish and Finnish


 Enjoy the sauna on request 8.00 € / person / hour for those who booked their room directly from the hotel (normally 10.00 € / person / hour)


Get a free high-speed internet connection

Support a good cause

While staying at Hotel Arthur, you’ll support the youth and hobby activities of our owner, YMCA

Book directly from our website and get the best price
When booking a hotel room directly from our booking system, you'll get the best benefits such as early check-in and private sauna for a discounted price! Click here to book.

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