Table served dinner menus

(min 10 persons)

Dinner menu I
51.50 €/guest

Caesar salad with glow-fried salmon à la Arthur L
Pork noisettes with brandy sauce,
roasted cherry tomatoes, Hasselbacka potato L, G
Crème brûlée VL, G

Dinner menu II
65.00 €/guest

Cold tomato soup with herbs M, G
Smoked vendace with pickled radish and special archipelago bread L
Overcooked beef flank with whisky sauce
Haricot beans and bacon, roasted Rosamunda potato L, G
Chocolate fondant with strawberry melba and whipped cream VL

Dinner menu IV
51.50 €/guest

Salad with tomatoes and mozzarella, roasted pine seeds
Grilled whisky-BBQ free-range chicken with creme fraiche,
fried pepper, and potato wedges L, G
Rhubarb-oatmeal hash with vanilla ice cream L, G

Dinner menu V
51.50 €/guest

Quinoa-vegetable salad G, V
Spicy chick pea and carrot patty with aioli,
fried vegetables and potato wedges V
Chocolate cake, berries and strawberry melba G, V

For extra charge Finnish cheese platter 9.00 €/guest

Coffee or tea portion 3.50 €/guest

G: Gluten free | L: Lactose free | M: Dairy free | V: Vegan | VL: Low in lactose

The prices given are valid for a group booking only with one menu choice excluding special dietary requirements; payment with one group bill. The booking should be made in advance latest 1 week prior the event. Information on the special dietary requirements is needed together with the confirmation of the number of attendees so that our kitchen has time to plan a suitable special dietary menu. Please note that beef and reindeer will be served medium unless otherwise agreed. 

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